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Flüchtlingshilfefonds e.V. - 1992



The Flüchtlingshilfefonds e.V. is an independent organisation which was found in 1992 and focuses mainly on supporting refugees.


There is no need for many words in order to describe the current situation.

Having said that, we did not see the necessity to stuff our new Website with loads of redundand information because the problem is clear:


There are people in this country that desperately need our help.

Humanitarian aid is constantly confronted with diverse challenges. However, it is essential that people in need get the best help available which is statet in basic- but also in international law.

Our work is based on two pillars:

On the one hand, the FHF supports refugees by unbureaucratic financial assistance such as:

•  paying legal fees

 supporting the purchase of traveling tickets

  purchase of groceries

In single cases the FHF also supports other organisations that are involved in aiding refugees.

On the other hand, the FHF wants to fullfil his goals by carrying out certain projects. 

But in order to do our job we need Your help!

... and are happy for any assistance.

In order to help,

we need Your help!


  • Certainly you will receive a receipt for your donation
  • Of course we'd deeply appreciate a monthly donation

But you can also support the FHF in many ways. For example by doing some voluntary work for our organisation...


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