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Flüchtlingshilfefonds e.V. - 1992



Certain principles are the foundation of our work:

- Humanism! Because everything else is outdated!;

- Everyone who is able to, should provide some assistance for refugees;

- the humane treatment of refugees, is the absolute duty of every modern-, democratic society;

- refugess need access to education and the job-market in order to integrate properly into our society;

- if refugees will be used as political capital by certain elements, the EU will suffer a lasting moral damage;

- Dublin III needs to be replaced;

- there is the necessity to resist against those elements that endorse any form of racism;

- there ist the need to continue to develope new concepts that provide safety to refugees in alignment with our constitution;

- Naval Rescue is a human right;

- More than ever there is the necessity for a political education that teaches the basic construct of humanism.

In order to help,

we need Your help!


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