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Flüchtlingshilfefonds e.V. - 1992



Informations concering our financial aid:

Individuals will receive support up to 150 €,

               families will receive support up to 250 €,

if we do have the ressources.

We primarely support those who cannot get any aid by the government


Generaly we support individuals/families only once

If you are the one that needs financial aid or you apply for somebody else, please fill out this form 

and send it to:

or send it via postal service to:

Flüchtlingshilfefonds e.V.

Zur Bettfedernfabrik 1

30451 Hannover

We will handle every application confidentialy and contact you as soon as possible!

In order to help,

we need Your help!


  • Certainly you will receive a receipt for your donation
  • Of course we'd deeply appreciate a monthly donation

But you can also support the FHF in many ways. For example by doing some voluntary work for our organisation...


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